Making the Case for Electronic Court ROI

Even before the economic downturn, there have been good reasons to invest in emerging technologies. Staffs have been faced with increasing workloads, necessitating greater productivity. And with the need for a higher level of public access to documents, electronic courts make sense both logistically and financially.

But when making a business case for adopting an electronic system, where do you start with quantifying the savings? The NCSC has created savings calculators on their website to help determine your projected ROI.  They also have an article on their Blog Spot that discusses the successful ROI for a judicial eBench product implementation in Manatee County, Florida.
Here are figures from a Dartnell Institute study that can be considered in making an ROI case. The Cost of Paper vs Digital Storage of DocumentsAverage time to retrieve one document
Paper: 7 min.
Digital: 4 sec.

Average time to re-file
Paper: 3 min.
Digital: 0 min.

Average total cost of retrieval and re-filing
Paper: $2.00
Digital: $0.20

Average cost of an unavailable file
Paper: $120.00
Digital: $0.00

Average annual cost of maintaining a file
Paper: $3.44
Digital: $1.81

(Information from the Dartnell Institute and ODDSAR Publication. Dollar amounts based on a US $12.00 per hour wage, includes salary, fringe benefits, overhead and taxes. Includes materials, space and labor.)